"As a general rule the most
successful man in life is the man
who has the best information."

Benjamin Disraeli

Whether you want to shape policy, influence investors, or launch a successful product, company or marketing campaign, you need to do your homework.

At Aplomb Consulting, we get the right information to our clients so that they can make great decisions and influence customers and stakeholders.


What opportunities exist for wood pellets to replace costly, dangerous, and environmentally damaging heating fuels? By conducting intense conversations with VSHI founders, industry experts, government officials, and consumers, Aplomb Consulting created a report that sparked new discussions around wood pellets. The findings from the 44-page report can be found here.


Jason Lorber spent time in prison. Four prisons, actually. That was part of his research in understanding the complexities and depth of issues involved with the Correctional System. That report formed the basis of Lorber’s work as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives.  Combined with the work of his legislative colleagues, that report informed many discussions and bold new policies that saved the State of Vermont tens of millions of dollars and making communities safer by finding more effective and efficient alternatives to prison.


Business Week, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal were among scores of media outlets discussing Aplomb Consulting's research on how gay-friendly the nation's top business schools were. After publishing the report, we heard from professors, students, and policy makers throughout the United States, not to mention in dozens of countries including China, Australia, and throughout Europe.  "Aplomb Consulting's report has validated our success in making MIT Sloan a welcoming environment for LGBT students, faculty, and staff, and has proven to be a beneficial guide on ways that we can further improve," said Richard Schmalensee, Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management. That research in 2003 documented that policy changes and a lot of coming out dramatically increased how welcoming the nation’s Top Business Schools are to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender students and faculty.


If you build it, will they come? That was the big debate in Wash., D.C. when organizers sought to establish an LGBT community center. Aplomb Consulting to the rescue. We conducted comprehensive research and community buy-in. We reached 1,000 people across ethnic, gender, and economic demographics, via surveys, interviews, and focus groups. The result: a green light to build it. Today the Center thrives.